Dining Facility:

  • We provide milk (Only for girls) in the morning and evening from 5.30a.m to 9.30a.m/5.30p.m-9.30p.m.
  • We provide clean and hygienic food in the morning,afternoon and in the night.
  • Weekly once Chappathi, Idly, Dhosa and vegetable khorma.
  • Weekly once chicken gravy and boiled egg, pongal, poori and VegBiriyani.
  • We provide a separate induction stove you can prepare to own food.
  • Every day we provide snacks, They cannot provide snacks at the saturday and sunday.
  • We provide hot water those who prefer drink it.

Our Special Services

  • Food delivered to KCT, KGISL, CTS (keeranatham) office for night shift working girls.
  • Quality Hygienic food menu (pure refined oil + coconut oil + ghee) prepared to fulfill the taste buds.
  • Purified safe drinking water.
  • Outdoor orders are also taken and with authentic South Indian flavor recipes. Hygienic food is prepared for girls & boys staying in 2Win Residency.

2Win Catering Services

The catering services are maintained by 2win brothers M.S Anandh Raman (x+) & Aravindha Lakshmanan Bsc, Catering and Hotel Management who both worked in the USA and took entrepreneurship in the hospitality business in India.

"Clear Vision with Awareness is Our Mission..."