Terms and Conditions

  1. All inmates to be back on the premises before 10.00 pm. For Students strictly 9.00 pm. If anyone arrives late, then they should inform the Management in advance.
  2. In order to avoid bugs, cockroaches, ants, flies etc., food items are prohibited inside the rooms. Inmates who are sick are exempted to take the food items inside the room only after informing the Management.
  3. No guests or friends to be invited to the rooms without the consent of the Management.
  4. Due to safety reasons, Electrical Appliances are allowed inside the room with the consent of the Management. Common ironing & hot water appliances provided of safe usage.
  5. Ensure that all lights are switched off while going out of the room, especially in the toilets.
  6. Ensure that all rooms are kept spick and span at all times.
  7. Disturbing the next room colleagues and neighbours by listening to music with blaring sound should be avoided.
  8. Any maintenance or repair work in the room should be informed to the Management and compulsorily entered in the ‘REPAIR BOOK’. Kept in lobby
  9. Inmates who wish to go home should enter all details in the ‘HOME GOING REGISTER’ and sign in when they return
  10. Inmates who leaves the hostel should enter in the ‘OUTGOING REGISTER’ and ensure that all details are filled in and Sign when they return.
  11. Late arrivals on duty after 10 pm should sign in a separate "LATE ARRIVAL REGISTER".
  12. Full ADVANCE towards surety need to be remitted at the time of admission. Refund is not possible till completion of the agreed term with the Management.
  13. For Safety reasons overhead water tank area is strictly out of bounds at all times.
  14. At the time of vacating the room permanently, ensure that all properties of the hostel room are in good condition. Cost of the damaged properties will be deducted from the inmates' deposit amount.
  15. Nailing on the wall, breaking door latches, locks and pasting of posting of posters of any format will not be entertained. A separate fine will be levied for these damages or any other such damage of hostel property.
  16. The Management is not responsible for any articles left behind by the inmates after they vacate the hostel. Unclaimed articles left by the inmates will be discarded after a period of time
  17. Anyone leaves the hostel for a short period should inform the Hostel Management. During this period all valuable articles should be taken along with the inmates. The Hostel Management is not responsible for any theft of materials or articles missed during the absence of inmates.
  18. Standing in front of the hostel campus in strictly prohibited / No drinking or Smoking. Inside the premises. Immediate termination Incase of any improper behaviours.
  19. Inmates are advised not to keep any valuable and costly items in their rooms. Hostel Management is not responsible for any loss or theft
  20. Lending or borrowing any valuable item from other hostel member is prohibited. If they do so, the hostel Management is not responsible for any loss
  21. Hostel Management will not interfere in any personal problems of the inmates.
  22. If the inmates found to be mischievous, ill-bred or indiscipline in the hostel they will be sent out of the hostel at any time.
  23. All complaints should be reported only to the hostel Management and not to the staff or other inmates.
  24. Inmates should not give any valuable things or money to the hostel staff, if any theft or misappropriation of money happens, hostel management is not responsible.
  25. Admission fee of Rs 500/- shall be paid as the non-refundable amount. Security Deposit of Rs 4,500/- should be paid and is refundable fully or partially after deducting demurrage charges, if any, at the time of vacating the room.
  26. Monthly rent shall be Rs. 2,500/- per person per bed and it should be paid on or before 10th of every month. Failure to pay the rent in time will forfeit the security deposit and will not be allowed to continue their stay in the room
  27. Food deduction is –5 formula. If they take leave more than  10 days with proir information.
  28. Fees should be paid on or before 05th of every month. The grace period will be given up to 10 days with the fine of Rs. 10/- per day. After 20th, notice will be given to students as well as to the parents.
  29. Inmates who vacate our hostel within 2-3 months should period will be considered paying extra.
  30. One month prior notice with valid proof is required to vacate the hostel.
  31. Half the advance amount will be deducted if not complied to above.
  32. The above said monthly rent would be revised with one-month prior notice.